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Tour Edge Announces Presenting Sponsorship of GOLF Channel’s coverage of PGA Tour Champions Tour Edge, the pound for pound industry leader in performance and innovation, today announced it has become the presenting sponsor for GOLF Channel’s coverage of PGA TOUR Champions tournaments. Tour Edge will present GOLF Channel’s PGA Tour Champions telecasts and its 24-event schedule for 2021 that concludes a ''super season'' due to cancellations in the 2020 season. There were 15 events played in 2020, and points earned in the Charles Schwab Cup will carry over to 2021 with a champion being determined in November. The presenting sponsorship of GOLF Channel’s coverage of PGA Tour Champions tournaments includes telecast open and close designations in every PGA Tour Champions round aired on the GOLF Channel, as well as Presenting Sponsor billboards and a weekly What’s Your Edge? Golf tips series featuring Tour Edge staff players.“Being the presenting sponsor of GOLF Channel’s coverage of PGA Tour Champions tournaments is a big step forward for Tour Edge in streamlining all of our recent efforts on the PGA Tour Champions,” said David Glod, President of Tour Edge. “This is part of a long-term vision that cements the PGA Tour Champions as the perfect home for Tour Edge and our branding efforts.” Tour Edge has also re-upped as the presenting sponsor of PGA Tour Champions Learning Center, the popular GOLF Channel show that airs every Wednesday in prime time. PGA Tour Champions Learning Center is scheduled to air over 40 original episodes in 2021, with Tour Edge prominently featured within each episode. Learning Center will also incorporate Tour Edge Staff Professionals in their What’s Your Edge? tips series. The 2021 Tour Edge professional staff includes PGA Tour Champions players Ken Duke, Bernhard Langer, Tom Lehman, Scott McCarron, Tim Petrovic and Duffy Waldorf. The entire staff recently filmed a series of television spots for Tour Edge that will begin airing on GOLF Channel in March. ... See MoreSee Less
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By PGTAA member Dr. Patrick CohnDo you compare yourself to other golfers you play? Have you caught yourself thinking,"I can't drive the ball as far as that golfer," "My rival has such a better short game than I do." or"My friend is a much better golfer than me." If comparison thoughts cross your mind, welcome to the comparison trap. The comparison trap is a great hazard you will face as a golfer. When you compare yourself to others, you look for all the reasons you are not good enough. You look for all the aspects of your game that are lacking and your confidence takes a big hit. When your confidence is low, it shows up in your game, leading to even lower confidence. You become trapped in this cycle because you are focused on the performance or abilities of other golfers. The solution to the comparison trap is to focus on your game: Find ways to improve the weak parts of your game. If your long game needs improvement, take extra time to work on your technique in the driving range. Look for ways to build your physical strength. Take notice of your strengths. What aspects of your game are positive? Every golfer has strengths. Finding the positive aspects of your game builds confidence. Compare your game to how you played in the past. Self-comparison is an effective strategy to keep improving your game. Recognize your growth. Be proud of how far you have come in the sport. You worked hard to develop your game. You deserve the credit. A little bit of credit goes a long way and keeps you motivated to progress further. Celebrate your successes. Your successes were a result of your efforts. Never trivialize your accomplishments. When you focus on your game, you fuel your confidence, motivation and desire to work hard.After winning the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, his fourth PGA Tour title, Daniel Berger commented on his view of being underrated. BERGER: "I do feel like I'm underrated, but that's okay with me. I just think its put a little chip on my shoulder, which is totally fine." For Berger, being overlooked fuels motivation, motivation fuels work, work fuels preparation and preparation fuels confidence. BERGER: "I've set some really high goals. I'm not scared to put in the work. I'm not the most talented guy out here. I don't hit it the farthest, but I'll outwork anybody. So I think, that is my biggest weapon." To maintain stable and high confidence, compare yourself to yourself using your past performances. Give yourself credit for your successes and work hard to improve aspects of your game that need to be further developed. Always keep the focus on you. Avoiding the Comparison Trap: Start recognizing your strengths and successes. Most golfers dissect their game and point out every mistake and bad shot after a round. To combat this, buy a notebook and write down your strengths and successes after each round. No success is too small. Then, focus on what you want to improve for the next week or practice.www.peaksports.com ... See MoreSee Less
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