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Dr. Patrick Cohn
Jorge Croda
Lawrence “Sonny” Gibbs
Gary Gilchrist
David Leadbetter
Mark Immelman
Michael Kletz
Glen McCartney
Dino Payer
Yuxin Wang


The Most Interesting Products at the 2019 PGA Show

Soon to be in Stores and in your Bags Part 1 This year’s show was the busiest and most well-attended PGA Show I have been to in the last five years. It was interesting to see how the economics of the Show has changed. Especially, as to how previous long-time...


TOP TEN PRODUCTS 2018 2 GG Apparel – 18Birdies Golf App – Callaway Chrome Soft  X – Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges – Club Glove Travel Bags/ Scheyden Golf Glasses – ...

2018 Gift Guide – Part Two

The Seven Dreamers Laboratories Golf Shaft is the innovator of the worlds most advanced and expensive golf-club shaft. Their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is “Autoclaving”. Autoclaving is traditionally used in manufacturing high-precision carbon products and helps...


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Golf can be frustrating, to say the least...

One minute, you are having a great round. You just had a string of 10 holes where you played outstanding. The next hole, you double bogey and it’s downwards from there.

It’s amazing how a double-bogey on one hole can totally reverse how you are playing... if you let it.

You see, one shot or one hole should not dictate you how you finish out a round or your overall play on the course.

A bad shot or two can send some golfers into a downward spiral. Negative thoughts start swirling in your head, intense negative emotions spring up and muscles tighten.

All of these distractions pull your focus away from how you approached early shots when you were driving the ball long and straight… were on top of your short game… and nailing putts with relative ease.

If you could refocus and return to that previous approach when you were playing great golf, you could quickly get back on track and prevent that downward spiral.

Jordan Spieth’s performance at the 2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is a prime example of how a bad shot can set in motion negative thinking and intense emotions that can alter a golfer’s play in seemingly a moment.

Spieth shot a 66 and 68 in the first two rounds putting himself in contention for winning the tournament.

In Round 3, Spieth pulled his tee shot off course on the 13th hole and it landed among the trees. Spieth had difficulty even finding his ball and ended up making double-bogey on the hole.

That bad shot set in motion a string of bad shots including a 3-putt bogey on the 17th green and a tee shot that landed in the water for another double-bogey on the 18th hole.

Spieth ended the day with a 74 and he followed up that play with a 75 on the 4th round.

Spieth commented how he felt after Round 3 which definitely affected his focus for Final Round.

SPIETH: “I’m very frustrated. If I just go par, par, I’m essentially still in this tournament with what’s forecasted tomorrow. I kind of threw myself out of this tournament. So yeah, it will affect me for a while.”

The first step in refocusing after a bad shot is:

How did you play so well prior to that bad shot?

If you can learn to take a pause and return to that previous mindset, you can bounce back on the next hole.

But it is critical that one bad shot doesn’t turn into six because the longer you stay frustrated or upset, the harder it becomes to switch out of that mindset.

How to Rebound After a Bad Shot:

Recovering from a bad shot is more mental than physical. The ability to let go and refocus is a skill and skills need practice to sharpen.

I suggest you memorize your "move on" statements, such as:

*It's in the past move on.
*Can't change the shot, do the best I can going forward.
*That's behind me, focus on what's next.
*Stop dwelling on the past. Focus on the next hole.

Remember that you can't get a bad shot back. You can only play on with composure.

By PGTAA member Dr. Patrick Cohn
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The United States Tennis Association Foundation, Tiger Woods’ TGR Foundation, AEG, and the LA Galaxy will unite behind the expansive Carol Kimmelman Athletic and Academic Campus, planned as the marquee sports and academic complex for the West Coast

Some of the nation’s leading names in athletics and education are teaming up to be part of the world-class Carol Kimmelman Athletic and Academic Campus – envisioned as one of the largest and most extraordinary community-serving sports and education centers in America.

Spearheaded by the Kimmelman Family Foundation, the state-of-the-art Kimmelman Campus is expected to
span more than 80 acres and feature up to 52 tennis courts, soccer and multi-purpose fields, and a state-of-the-art academic center with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focus. The USTA Foundation – the
United States Tennis Association’s charitable arm – and the Tiger Woods-founded TGR Foundation will join with
AEG, and the LA Galaxy to help support the landmark new complex in Carson, which will make its programs
available at little or no cost to underserved local youth and families.

“We are delighted to announce such acclaimed and accomplished partners for the Carol Kimmelman Athletic
and Academic Campus,” said Doug Kimmelman, President of the Kimmelman Family Foundation and husband of
Carol Kimmelman. “They will be instrumental as we honor Carol’s legacy by helping children from underserved
backgrounds access the facilities, coaches, teachers, and curriculum needed to put them on a path to college and
life success.”

The project is currently undergoing a public review process led by Los Angeles County, who owns the property where the new development is envisioned. The County Board of Supervisors is still completing an environmental review of the site and is expected to consider a long-term lease for the project in late summer. If approved by the County, a groundbreaking is anticipated in early 2020.

Each partner organization will bring a world of experience and expertise to the Kimmelman Campus, which is slated to be the largest community tennis venue on the West Coast. The USTA Foundation foresees establishing
the West Coast hub of the National Junior Tennis & Learning program (NJTL) at the campus. NJTL offers tennis programs, youth services, and college scholarships to more than 200,000 underserved youth around the country each year.

Additionally, the USTA Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) intends to move their headquarters to the Campus and USTA’s Player Development division, which works to develop world-class American players expect to make the campus its West Coast center of operations.

The Carol Kimmelman Athletic and Academic Campus / 2-2-2 -more on the academic side, TGR Foundation – founded by golf legend Tiger Woods and his late father, Earl Woods – will oversee the Kimmelman Campus’ expansive 25,000 square foot learning center, which will be equipped with high-tech labs, classrooms, and interactive stations that encourage innovative and hands-on STEM learning.

“My dad helped me launch TGR Foundation over 20 years ago, inspired by our family motto of ‘share and care,’” said Tiger Woods, the philanthropist, entrepreneur, and 14-time major champion. “Like Carol Kimmelman, Dad
was dedicated to helping young people find their self-worth and confidence and I’m proud and honored to help her legacy live on. TGR Foundation is excited to be part of the Carol Kimmelman Athletic and Academic Campus, where we can continue to spread our mission of empowering students to pursue their passions through education.”

The monumental athletic and academic destination is inspired by the passion and generosity of Carol Kimmelman, a California native who passed away in 2017. A member of the 1983 national champion USC women’s tennis team and former South L.A. elementary school teacher, Carol believed fervently in the power of tennis and other sports to transform the lives of young people from all backgrounds. Two years after losing her battle with cancer, Kimmelman’s husband and four children are continuing her mission to make sports and education more equitable by opening this premier center.

“Carol was passionate about the potential for children to learn important life lessons both in the classroom and on the tennis court or sports field,” Kimmelman said. “This exceptional, cutting-edge complex will be a safe
place for young people throughout the region to experience these lessons firsthand, helping them achieve their full potential and opening doors throughout their lives.”

Dynamic tennis programming for children of all ages and abilities will be offered by both the SCTA and the USTA Foundation’s NJTL program on tennis courts spanning 29 acres, allowing more students throughout Los Angeles to grow and learn life lessons through the sport.

“This is the most significant undertaking by the USTA Foundation on the West Coast supporting our mission of combining tennis and education together to change lives,” said Chris Evert, the 18-time Grand Slam singles champion and former world No. 1 who was recently appointed chair of the USTA Foundation’s Board of Directors. “By making high-quality tennis and educational opportunities available to all local children, regardless of income, this campus will provide a transformative experience for thousands of young people that inspires
them to succeed both on and off the court.”

Already, the Kimmelman Family Foundation, along with the USTA Foundation, USTA, SCTA, and representatives of TGR has met with school district leaders, local community-based non-profit organizations, law enforcement
officials and business groups to collaborate on programs and opportunities at the Kimmelman Campus.

“Thanks to Carol Kimmelman’s legacy, this Los Angeles County property is poised to be transformed into a world-class athletic and academic campus that would serve people of all ages throughout the South Bay and
beyond,” said L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who represents the area. “Our partners have provided a bold vision for state-of-the-art sports and recreational activities, and youth would also have access to innovative STEM-based educational opportunities that can put them on a path toward a bright future.”

The proposed project also includes plans to include other sports and recreation facilities, including soccer fields;
multi-purpose fields that can accommodate rugby and other sports; basketball courts; a sprint track; and
training turf to promote active and healthy lifestyles for the entire community.

The Carol Kimmelman Athletic and Academic Campus / 3-3-3

To learn more, please visit

About the Kimmelman Family Foundation

The Kimmelman Family Foundation is a charitable trust that focuses its donations in the areas of education, health, energy and environmental initiatives, and athletics. Founded in 1998, the Foundation has donated
generously to causes that are important to the Kimmelman family.

About the USTA Foundation

USTA Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated in 1994 as the philanthropic entity of the United States Tennis Association. USTAF offers support to more than 200,000 children ages 5-18 who participate in the USTA Foundation’s National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) program, which delivers year-round tennis instruction and a widely acclaimed academic curriculum with the goal of positively impacting lives from childhood to adulthood. USTAF provides technical services to programs to maximize efficiencies and to
build capacity through best practices.

The USTA Foundation awards tennis and academic scholarships to high school seniors in each of the 17 Sections of the USTA.

About TGR Foundation

For more than 20 years, TGR Foundation has worked to create a world where opportunity is universal and potential is limitless. With an unwavering commitment to impact an entire generation, our mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education. We are pioneers in positive youth development, encouraging self-advocacy skills in young people.

Our programs foster a growth mindset, instilling in students the strength and skills to persevere and define their own path. Through our award-winning STEM curricula, college-access programs, digital platforms, and educator professional development, TGR Foundation offers underrepresented students the resources and support needed to thrive in school and beyond.

For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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PGTAA Endorsed Products

Cohn Certification


PGTAA Master, Teaching Professional, Head Coach Columbus State University

Next to the PGA, the PGTAA  certification and credentialization is the most highly sought after teaching designation in the golf industry. In recognition of the industry’s growth, and in response to the demand for qualified teaching professionals, the PGTAA was established to provide extensive training to individuals as well as recognized golf teachers with years of experience behind them.

Not only will we teach you how to teach correctly, but also how to psychologically and philosophically motivate your students to become better golfers.

Becoming a PGTAA professional is probably one of the most important steps you will take during your professional golfing career. Becoming associated and certified by the PGTAA not only enhances your credibility but also enhances your teaching skills for the benefit of your future students and, naturally, your earning capacity.

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Please don’t be fooled by imitators of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. It has come to our attention that several other organizations are attempting to hijack our reputation, our certification designations, mimic our unique programs, especially our Home Study module, and in some cases, leverage even our name as their own. The name “Professional Golf Teachers Association of the United States”, formerly operated by National Golf Schools has ceased to exist after a settlement was reached between the parties.

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America is and always will be the foremost 100% professional golf teaching certification institute in the world.

While these other programs and teaching organizations direct their marketing materials and resources to the targeting of all applicants (to cover their extensive advertising and marketing costs), whether qualified or not, the PGTAA’s philosophy and target market is that individual/golfer who desires to be a teaching professional in the field and not just an enthusiast. Since 1997 our mandatory personal telephone interview helps the PGTAA maintain their high level of members appreciated by all in the golf industry .

We do not offer various levels of certifications designed to separate you from your money and whose “membership/certification/levels of instructor” cards are useless and of zero value in the golf industry.

When comparing the PGTAA to ANY other teaching institution, whether PGA, LPGA or USGTF, our cost to become a fully certified golf teaching professional is $995.00 via the Home Study module or $2495.00 via the On-Site module. Going through the certification programs of the aforementioned organizations will cost you in excess of $5,000.00!

Most importantly, the PGTAA is 100% all about teaching.

The PGTAA has over 50 Tour players including Master’s, PGA and US Open Champions, who avail themselves of our members teaching expertise.

There is only one Professional Golf Teachers Association of America, and you can always find us at

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The Most Interesting Products at the 2019 PGA Show

Soon to be in Stores and in your Bags Part 1 This year’s show was the busiest and most well-attended PGA Show I have been to in the last five years. It was interesting to see how the economics of the Show has changed. Especially, as to how previous long-time...

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TOP TEN PRODUCTS 2018 2 GG Apparel – 18Birdies Golf App – Callaway Chrome Soft  X – Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges – Club Glove Travel Bags/ Scheyden Golf Glasses – ...

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2018 Gift Guide – Part Two

The Seven Dreamers Laboratories Golf Shaft is the innovator of the worlds most advanced and expensive golf-club shaft. Their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is “Autoclaving”. Autoclaving is traditionally used in manufacturing high-precision carbon products and helps...

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Jordan Spieth joins Club Champion as Brand Ambassador

Jordan Spieth joins Club Champion as Brand Ambassador Shares Importance of Custom Fitting for Golfers of All Levels Club Champion, the nation’s leading custom club fitting and building company, announces a multi-year agreement with three-time Major Champion Jordan...

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