The FreeFlex Watercolor Golf — The Newest Shaft in Golf Technology

Every so often there are major breakthroughs in the golf industry in every category. 
This Korean company, SJ Golf Engineering Lab, headed by Dr. Seung-jin Choi the inventor of FreeFlex Technology, is the creator of this outstanding shaft.

 “We have developed a unique shaft to which the pronate and supinate principles have been applied by considering not only the swing torque acting upon the shaft; but also the warping moment and bending torsional moment to optimize impact and MOI.”

– Dr. Seung-jin Choi, inventor of FreeFlex Technology –


One unique attribute of FF’s watercolor shaft is that no two shafts are the same.

This is about a new shaft that is outperforming most shafts currently on the market. Most importantly, it is outperforming the AutoFlex shaft in terms of performance.

So if you want to increase your launch angle and speed, while reducing spin and retaining accuracy, try the most unique-looking shaft on the market — this shaft is the real McCoy! Be advised that there is a learning curve to hitting with this shaft. Just one range session will have you believing in this revolutionary technology—a super lightweight, super flexible, and yet, accurate distance-producing weapon.
When my test group of golfers, with less than 90 mph in swing speed, golf teachers, and club fitters call me back with such enthusiasm and excitement, I take notice.

The fait accompli is when I pick up 18 yards in distance, it is a big deal!
So it is with FreeFlex. What follows is an in-depth look at the FreeFlex shaft.
Because of the complexity of the makeup of a golf shaft, I thought it would be a good idea to have the experts at FreeFlex explain their product. Please read the testimonial and watch the YouTube video at the end of this article.

FREEFLEX FF38, FF45 Special-series Shafts
First, the FF38 shaft can be swung by 70mph golfers to the World’s fastest swinger at 150mph. 2023 WLD long drive champ Seb Twaddell recently set the world record for both swing speed (169.6mph) and ball speed (240.8mph) using the FF38

FF38 and FF45 shaft models each come in three unique color options. Smooth swingers should choose the FF38, while the FF45 can handle both swinger and hitter types.

Generally, a faster swing speed should have a lighter swing weight, while slower swing speeds can have a higher swing weight. But as each golfer’s swing is unique, there is no set SW that fits universally. For a swing speed with a smooth downswing transition, most golfers fit between D0~D2. 
A common notion in golf is that there is a trade-off between accuracy and speed: A firm shaft improves directionality but at the expense of distance, while a flexible shaft increases the distance at the expense of accuracy. Thus, golfers had to choose between a stiff heavier shaft with a higher CPM and low torque for accuracy, or a lighter flexible shaft with a low CPM and high torque for more distance. But why can’t we have both? Well, now you can. CPM stands for “cycles per minute,” which measures the frequency of a golf shaft. A low frequency number, 200, would flex a lot, while a 300 frequency number is a very stiff shaft.
FREEFLEX TECHNOLOGY now allows us to control the shaft weight, flex, and torque in any desired combination. By controlling the three variables, SJ Golf Lab created the ultimate performance shafts in the FF Special series that combine the characteristics of a flexible shaft for ease of swing and faster club speed, with those of a firmer shaft at impact to improve accuracy with less dispersion.

The FreeFlex special series are not only beautiful to look at, but also provide amazing results in distance and accuracy.

FFT is truly a new and exciting technology and we have been experimenting with some incredible shaft spec combinations. For example, our newest addition FF30 Blossom shaft boasts a super low design load weight of 30g (36g hand painted) at 160cpm and 6.5 torque. It provided effortless distance increases for 60-80 mph swings, with some drives at over 200+ yards of straight distance. 
On the other hand, we just tested another prototype at 62g, but with a super low 130cpm and torque at 3.5! This was absolutely insane, as it was swung at 130+ mph easily, but the golfer could not miss left (hook the ball) due to the low strong torque. The distance was incredible, as it was a veritable whip at 130cpm. All this at 62g normal weight blew away everyone at the testing since it went against everyone’s previous knowledge of golf shafts. The shaft, with its improbable specs, was made to show that FreeFlex Technology can indeed manipulate the three variables as we wish.

Current PGA Tour players testing the shaft are Retief Goosen and Steve Lowery (ball speed increased from 160-167 mph).

FreeFlex shafts are available at $650.00 per shaft.

The FW, UT, and Iron shafts in the same FreeFlex lineup will be available from late June, as well as three unique putter shafts guaranteed to challenge the putter norms.

The RolyPoly all-carbon shaft turns any putter into a hole-seeking wizard on the green. With the lowest balance point of any putter on the market, it promotes a super steady pendulum stroke, while the hexagonal carbon grip end provides accurate feedback to the hands at impact.

As such, you will see some amazing new tech coming out of SJ Golf that will change the shaft game forever. Here is a link to a brief introduction and demo of the FF30 Blossom shaft on our Instagram: https://tinyurl.com/yvupb7db

The putter is priced at $500.00

Also, watch: https://youtu.be/tdzK_1nepek

 and  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/VhMgwW2PyIk



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