Become a Certified Golf Instructor through the PGTAA

Teaching is a profession that brightens up the life of students young and old. For golf, this is also possible and seems similar in a way. While educational teachers have their wits and books, golf instructors also have their wits and golf clubs to use. Becoming a...

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Golf Instructor Certification

Golf Instructor Certification Golf is one of the major sports not only in the United States but also around the world. If you have heard of Tiger Woods, then you know how exciting and encouraging this game can be. Whether you are an amateur golfer or a beginner, you...

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The PGTAA Golf Teaching Professional

Do you like playing golf? Do you enjoy teaching it to others? If so, why not become a certified Class A PGTAA Master Golf teaching professional? The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America offers an extensive Golf Teaching Professional curriculum wherein...

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The PGTAA Golf Teaching Certification

  Playing golf and being good at it is quite hard. Teaching golf to other aspiring players or instructors is quite another. Here at the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America, we fulfill your dream about understanding how to teach golf or being able to...

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Learn To Teach Golf

You love the game of golf, and you are good at it. Perhaps you’re a great player who regularly scores in the lows 70s and occasionally hits the 60s. You have decided you want a career in golf–not necessarily as a touring pro, but someone who can work at a...

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A Gripping Issue

FACT:  Each week, Golf Pride is the leading grip played from tee-to-green on the PGA TOUR, with an average of 80% of pros choosing Golf Pride swing grips in each event, without any paid endorsers. FACT: Grips need to be replaced often and with Father’s Day on the...

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