Thank you for your interest in the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. 2015 marks our 20th year in certifying professional golf teachers.

Acknowledged as the Premier Golf Teaching association in the world both by Professional Tour players, Golf Academies throughout the US, Europe and Asia, the head professionals at private country clubs, public golf courses, golf schools, golf learning centers, driving ranges, indoor facilities, high schools, colleges, universities, and club makers, the PGTAA program is the Harvard to the Community Colleges of its nearest competitor.


Historically, the PGA of America, established in 1916, was the institution for training and certifying golf teaching professionals. This generally involved a three to four year apprenticeship program and a cost of approximately $5,000.00 with extensive travel to take mandatory tests and to attend seminars at the PGA Education Center in Florida. To become a PGA member, an individual must be either a U.S. Citizen or resident alien to be elected to PGA membership.

The PGTAA is open to all individuals over 21 years of age throughout the world.

The PGA curriculum consists of only about 10% teaching how to teach, whereas the other 90% is directed to all aspects of golf management, human resource management, food and beverage management.

For those seeking purely teaching knowledge and marketing skills as a teacher, the PGTAA’s program is second to none. It’s a 100% teaching curriculum.

Dr. Barry Lotz, Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional, established the PGTAA to provide extensive training to individuals, as well as recognized golf teachers with years of experience. The PGTAA focuses on the golf teaching profession in order to provide the finest instruction, from how to teach correctly to how to psychologically and philosophically motivate students to become better golfers. You will learn not only how to teach, but the importance of the instructor’s enthusiasm to be a successful golf teaching professional. 

Next to the PGA, the PGTAA certification and credentialization is the most highly sought after teaching designation in the golf industry.

PGTAA graduates are diverse in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and age, and have access to positions as golf teaching professionals, including head professionals at both private and public country clubs, golf learning centers, golf schools, driving ranges, and many other positions. Many establish their own teaching academies. PGTAA graduates all share the love of teaching golf.

All PGTAA members are eligible for discounts on equipment and training aids from manufacturers. Wholesale prices will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with the lowest discount being 20% off retail.