Become a Certified Golf Instructor through the PGTAA

Teaching is a profession that brightens up the life of students young and old. For golf, this is also possible and seems similar in a way. While educational teachers have their wits and books, golf instructors also have their wits and golf clubs to use. Becoming a golf instructor is easier now with the help of Professional Golf Teachers Association of America, one of the largest golf teaching organizations in the world.

The PGTAA has a strong presence both nationally and abroad, so becoming part of this large PGTAA community, is a blessing if you want to teach people how to become better at golf and grow in any country in the world.

In the route you choose with PGTAA, you can become a golf instructor just by enrolling in a Home Study course or a 5 Day Onsite Training (certain restrictions apply). You will be learning from certified master teaching professionals, both PGTAA and PGA, with years of accumulated experience. There is also no end in education once you become a PGTAAA apprentice or Class A member. So if you want to become a certified golf instructor with the help of a one of the world’s premier golf teaching teaching institutions, take the first step to your unlimited learning now.

As you start your way becoming a Certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional, the PGTAA offers instant benefits such as discounts on golf equipment from major golf manufactures and other industry partners will also be there to offer their own unique benefits. The PGTAA golf instructor curriculum is specifically designed to help the aspiring teacher become the best in their chosen field and improve to their fullest potential. The certification course is open to both women and men over the age of 21.

The PGTAA continues to improve their services and teaching materials, so becoming a golf instructor under their supervision will improve your golf skills and prospective growth.

Feel free to contact PGTAA and schedule an onsite or telephonic appointment. This in itself, would be a great learning experience.