Ever given a thought how to teach golf or being able to help others get better at golf and understand the intricacies of the game? The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America would be a great institution for you to look into. The reason for our existence is that we would rather have certified people out there helping other players, than reciting things they saw on TV or read in a magazine. We like to assure you, that of our graduates get the experience and training they need to go forward and teach the game of golf.

All course graduates receive 8 lbs of teaching manuals, certificate, membership card and major discounts on most equipment as a PGTAA member.

We will also help with job placement in the golf industry upon your graduation as PGTAA Master Teaching Professional. The PGTAA is known for its worldwide networking opportunities. Unlike other golf teaching schools our team of golf experts make sure that all students get the proper resources necessary to become a certified golf instructor. Our least marketing manual surpasses ANY other institutions materials period.

Lastly, the PGTAA is known for its national and international recognition. Many of our graduates and current students know that we offer the best golf instructor training courses and are impressed that Dr. Barry Lotz, the PGTAA’s president, ALWAYS personally responds to calls whether just to learn more about the PGTAA or questions about the course itself.  No secretaries involved! We offer a unique home study module that works extremely well for students which is self-paced and without any time limit.

In addition, those students electing to do the home study course, upon successfully completing the course, can at their option, attend our 5-day onsite course simply by paying the difference in tuition. This intense 5-day course will afford the graduate to learn firsthand, methodologies on how to properly teach a student, use video, basic club fitting and the use of training aids. Constructive criticism is a very strong component of this on site course.

The PGTAA originated the Home Study Certification Program and since 1997, many other impostors have seen fit to try and emulate our program yet the PGTAA is still considered the “Harvard” rather than the Community College of all golf teaching programs worldwide.

There are many opportunities to improve your golf teaching skills at the PGTAA and we welcome members of “other” schools to upgrade their accreditation to that of a certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional and help yourself in finding premium job opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a PGTAA certified instructor, please feel free to call Dr. Lotz at 760-777-1925 and or email him at pgtaa@yahoo.com.