The GMP Fitness Golf Specialist Courses are step-by-step programs designed to teach professionals how to successfully work with the average and accomplished golfers, building from the ground up with a structured training program to improve fitness, help prevent joint and muscle pain and boost confidence on the greens.

• Learn a safe way to train your body.
• Develop an understanding of body movements.
• Understand how to add speed.
• Master how to replace bad habits with solid fundamentals.
• Communicate simple, repeatable strength and flexibility methods.
• Gain routines that reinforce swing awareness, purpose and precision.

Upon completion of the courses, successful candidates in recognition of their accomplishment will receive Specialist Credential Badges and Certificates and a 1-year Free Enhanced Online Profile where prospective students can learn about your services.

PGTAA Professionals get a 25% discount on the Golf Fitness Specialist and All GMP Fitness Courses

A Message From Pete Burton-PGTAA: 5 STAR Golf Fitness Specialist Courses
“I would recommend anyone that wants to become a better teacher and add another dimension to their Golf Instruction take the GMP Fitness Golf Health and Fitness Specialist Courses. I have gained an appreciation for stretching and the proper warm-up needed prior to a game of golf as this is something that not a lot of golfers do.

I will offer a seminar at my golf course and show my members how to use the 9 stretches and when they can use them in their game. I will also set up a seminar educating them of skin and eye protection, hydration and nutrition, especially since our course offers a full bar and restaurant in which customers use prior to, during and after their round.

I have gained more knowledge on the specific muscles that are used and affected in the game of golf as well as being open to using the G ball and bands. I will apply many of the forms and assessments that were provided in the courses when I work with my clients and will for sure be using the G Ball more with my clients.“