Become A Professional Golf Instructor

Did you ever dream about mastering how to teach golf or being able to help others get better at golf and make a great living teaching golf?

If so, the   Professional Golf Teachers Association of America would be the perfect institution for you to look into and get involved with. The reason for our existence is that we would rather have certified and qualified people out there helping others, and not those people who pretend they are teachers just because they have watched videos or TV and read instruction tips in magazines. You, as a student, work hands on with our professional golf instructors that have mastered golf teaching skills. Become a golf instructor by getting the proper training you need at the PGTAA. Our staff emphasizes teaching golf ONLY.  

While the PGA and LPGA give their graduates general golf skills such as how to run a golf organization, organizing golf tournaments, how to run a golf shop, maintenance and organization of parties, the PGTAA is unique because it offers 100% instruction on learning how to teach golf and making an excellent living in the golf teaching profession.  

The PTGAA’s edge comes from its unique and detailed curriculum.  It includes mastery of the game of golf – both the technical aspects of the game as well as mental aspects, which are just as powerful in determining success.  The real uniqueness of the course comes from its emphasis on teaching golf’s idiosyncrasies, its theories and exemplary up-to-date marketing skills.

The PGTAA encourages and accepts enrollment by students who are interested in taking their careers to a new level and who possess both excellent communication and golf skills.  All participants will be equipped with over 8lbs of teaching manuals and DVD together with, upon graduation, a certificate, membership card, bag tag and major discounts on equipment. We offer most major brands.

The PGTAA can help with job placement in the golf industry as a professional instructor. Act now and become a Certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional. Call 760-777-1925 or email pgtaa@yahoo.com.