Another day, another evening of Jimmy Fallon having more fun than anyone has a right to. The host of The Tonight Show brought Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy into the studio Monday night for a little game called “Facebreakers.” The object was simple: Chip into glass panels depicting your opponent’s face. Clearly, Fallon booked his guests prior to Woods’ decision to forgo professional golf until December. In lieu of chipping, the four-time Masters champion opted to caddie for Fallon. It didn’t help.

McIlroy started as McIlroy tends to start everything these days—with a terrifying display of skill. The Northern Irishman called his shot and smashed a ball through the top right panel. Woods and Fallon didn’t know what to do. “Dude…I’m sorry,” Woods told Fallon. Thus began the slaughter. Fallon hit a pair of McIlroy’s panels, but the day belonged to the 25-year-old pro, who demolished Fallon’s faces and received a pre-engraved trophy at the end. Per the Golf Channel, Tiger was advised by doctors not to swing because of his bad back. That didn’t stop him from taking part in the skit, though, because he was happy to work as Jimmy Fallon’s caddy and coach!