Golf Datatech, LLC (golfdatatech.com), the golf industry’s leader in independent insights and strategy, has released the results of the 6th wave of the company’s popular Custom Fitting Study. Started in 2001, the study encapsulates the evolution of custom fit golf clubs and golf balls, identifying and analyzing the current trends in fitting in the golf marketplace.

Highlighting the study, which surveyed 3,000 golfers from Golf Datatech’s exclusive Serious Golfer database, the findings revealed the following:
• 65 percent of all respondents have been custom fit at least once; a number that has continued to slowly grow since the initial 2001 study; 
• 60 percent of those who have been custom fit have been fitted for irons;
• 42 percent of all respondents have been fit for a new driver;
• Off-course retailers continue to be the most popular location for custom fitting;
• Online fitting remains a small part of the mix for golf clubs;

Additionally, the study identifies substantial upside for the custom fitting of scoring clubs (putters and wedges). Further, while over 80 percent of serious golfers are aware of custom fitting for golf balls, and a large percentage believe their game could improve with balls which match their playing needs.

“We are very proud of the comprehensive nature of the Custom Fitting Report, and its historical significance tracking golf equipment custom fitting for the past 14 years,” said Golf Datatech Partner, John Krzynowek. “Serious golfers not only understand the concept of custom fitting, they very much believe in the technology, which has a direct impact on the clubs they purchase, and how often they make a purchase. However, many golfers today still purchase clubs without getting properly fit.”

For more information about the report or to purchase, contact Tom Stine at Golf Datatech at 888-944-4166 or visit golfdatatech.com