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Options for career paths in the Golf Industry
By Brian Weis

The touring golf pro is not the only person making a living in the golf industry. There are numerous career paths and venues to seek employment within the industry.

Golf Courses and Resorts

One of the largest employers in the golf industry are golf courses themselves. There are numerous career options on a golf course property. The side most people are familiar with is front side of the house – the assistant pro’s who run the retail operations to the teaching pro giving lessons. Behind the scenes it takes dozens of people with a wide variety of skill sets.

One of the most important jobs is the greenskpeer that specializes in the turf and conditions of the course. In addition to the superintended is a staff of specialists and general labors who mow the grass to service the equipment. View more at The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America at www.gcsaa.org

Golf Stores

From the golf specialty store to large retailers many of these facilities hiring golf pros to sell and service the equipment. Some retail establishments offer other services such as lesson, club fittings and custom club building. To become a golf pro view PGA


A highly desire position is a golf instructor. Golf instructors are either accomplished players who can translate their skills or special person who has a grasp on teach and training skills. More information about the profession can be found at the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. www.pgtaa.com

Golf Publications

Have a passion about writing or publishing? There are numerous golf publication that provide employment opportunities for writing, editing, photography etc. More information about this profession can be found online at Golf Writers Association of America www.gwaa.com/

The golf industry is made up of tens of thousands of professionals. You can search jobs online at GolfJobs.com.


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