You love the game of golf, and you are good at it. Perhaps you’re a great player who regularly scores in the lows 70s and occasionally hits the 60s. You have decided you want a career in golf–not necessarily as a touring pro, but someone who can work at a golf course and give lessons and help others get acclimated to the game. If you want to become a certified golf professional, you have to follow the right path.

The game of golf is an all-around exercise on its own. It is a good mind exercise, makes a person physically fit, and it helps enjoy the outdoors most of all. Golf is relatively easy for many of us. Everyone can enjoy it alone or with groups of friends. All you need are golf equipment and nice weather to start swinging and making hole in ones.  Enroll in Professional Golf Teachers Association of America to learn to teach others the wonderful sport of golf. Learn to teach golf skills to others that need the help in technique.

Learning how to teach golf can be hard, but with the right resources and effective training it certainly is possible. Like all the great instructors in golf, an aspiring golf instructor at some point during the early years needs to undergo training or schooling lessons. This will boost knowledge about the game and help improve what skills you already have. There are a lot of institutions that offer golf classes for golf instructors, but not as well as PGTAA that cater to aspiring instructors.

Master the fundamentals to help others get a better golf technique. Becoming associated and certified by the PGTAA enhances one’s credibility, fine tunes teaching skills and enhances earning capacity. PGTAA graduates have achieved positions including head professional at private as well as public country clubs, golf schools, driving ranges, golf learning centers, indoor driving ranges, as well as becoming high school and college coaches. Graduates also hold positions as managers of both public and private golf facilities. Click here for certification courses PGTAA offers.