Thank you for your interest in the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. 2018 marks our 21st year in certifying professional golf teachers.
Acknowledged as the Premier Golf Teaching association in the world both by Professional Tour players, Golf Academies throughout the US, Europe and Asia, the head professionals at private country clubs, public golf courses, golf schools, golf learning centers, driving ranges, indoor facilities, high schools, colleges, universities, and club makers, the PGTAA program is the Harvard to the Community Colleges of its nearest competitor.
Historically, the PGA of America, established in 1916, was the institution for training and certifying golf teaching professionals. This generally involved a three to four year apprenticeship program and a cost of approximately $5,000.00 with extensive travel to take mandatory tests and to attend seminars at the PGA Education Center in Florida. To become a PGA member, an individual must be either a U.S. Citizen or resident alien to be elected to PGA membership.

The PGTAA is open to all individuals over 21 years of age throughout the world.

The PGA curriculum consists of only about 10% teaching how to teach, whereas the other 90% is directed to all aspects of golf management, human resource management, food and beverage management.
For those seeking purely teaching knowledge and marketing skills as a teacher, the PGTAA’s program is second to none. It’s a 100% teaching curriculum.

Dr. Barry Lotz, a Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional, established the PGTAA to provide extensive training to individuals, as well as recognized golf teachers with years of experience. The PGTAA focuses on the golf teaching profession in order to provide the finest instruction, from how to teach correctly to how to psychologically and philosophically motivate students to become better golfers. You will learn not only how to teach, but the importance of the instructor’s enthusiasm to be a successful golf teaching professional.

Next to the PGA, the PGTAA certification and credentialization is the most highly sought after teaching designation in the golf industry.

PGTAA graduates are diverse in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and age, and have access to positions as golf teaching professionals, including head professionals at both private and public country clubs, golf learning centers, golf schools, driving ranges, and many other positions. Many establish their own teaching academies. PGTAA graduates all share the love of teaching golf.

All PGTAA members are eligible for discounts on equipment and training aids from manufacturers. Wholesale prices will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with the lowest discount being 20% off retail.

Certification Courses

The PGTAA offers a Home Study Course and an optional 5- Day Onsite Course to those students who satisfactorily complete the prerequisite Home Study module. Study materials are identical for each course.

Once you have enrolled in the Home Study course, you will, on completion thereof, be awarded your certification as a fully certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional. The cost is $995.00 plus $20 shipping and handling

Additionally, at your option and by paying the difference in tuition, you are eligible to attend the 5-day On Site course, provided you have successfully completed the Home Study course 60 days prior to attending an On Site course. We do not have the time to monitor PAT rounds nor review the study materials during the 5 days. This option is always available to PGTAA members in good standing.

Also offered, is a special certification module for former PGA and LPGA Members. Upon successful conclusion of the course, a candidate will become a certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional.

We do not offer various levels of certifications that are designed to separate you from your money and whose “membership/certification/levels of instructor” cards are useless and of zero value in the golf industry.

Mike Kletz, a graduate of PGTAA, says, “I have been a member of the PGTAA for a number of years and I have found the home study course of great benefit to my teaching and I would say that it is the next best option to becoming a PGA pro…I received a lot of ongoing support from Dr. Barry Lotz, the president of the PGTAA! “

Becoming a PGTAA professional is probably one of the most important steps anyone can take during a professional golfing career. Becoming associated with and certified by the PGTAA enhances teaching skills, credibility, and earning capacity.

In addition, those high school, college and university instructors wanting to update their school’s golf program, would benefit immensely by attending our 5-day On Site course.


I was excited to earn my Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional Certification and to become a member of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. During certification training, I especially enjoyed studying the science and physics of the golf swing. I look forward to the many opportunities that the future will bring.

John W. McCauley
Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional
Lexington, Kentucky

Thanks for the opportunity with PGTAA and all it has to offer. Your program is everything it presents itself to be. I have learned a great deal from the material the course offers.
Less than 2 weeks after receiving my certificate of completion of the PGTAA course, I have an opportunity to teach a golf class at a local Junior College. Also, I have been asked to assist with a junior golf tour in and beyond my local area.

Thank You,
Dana Henson

I can’t thank you and the PGTAA enough for my certification as a master teaching professional. I have found over the past few years the PGTAA is well recognized by the many private and public course professionals.

It is a pleasure being a member of such a fine organization.

Personally my clientele has grown each year since I became a member.

I did not receive my membership card in the mail. Many times mail is lost here in Florida.

Thank you.

Iggy Giangregorio


The PGTAA certification is taught by highly qualified and experienced PGA, LPGA and PGTAA Master Instructors. All teachers are either active or past professional Tour players or retired PGA or LPGA teachers.

Graduates of the PGTAA can look forward to practicing their trade at premier golf clubs such as Pebble Beach, Pinehurst and many other iconic golf facilities and golf manufacturers. Positions exist at private country clubs, public golf courses, golf schools, and golf learning centers, driving ranges, indoor facilities, high schools, colleges, universities and cruise lines.

Personal interviews are obligatory so as to better understand your expectations, your background, both golf and personal, and to ensure the PGTAA’s reputation continues untarnished.

There is no time limit to complete your certification, nor are there additional fees to retake any written test (85% pass rate is required), or when to complete your PAT. Upon the passing of the written test and PAT (Playing Ability Test), your Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional credentials will be issued.

Every year there is a $100.00 dues requirement beginning one year after your initial enrollment. Yearly membership cards are issued and replacement bag tags are included in this amount.

Current club makers have found that the PGTAA certification courses are a definite major catalyst in increasing revenue to their already existing business or shops.

The PGTAA certification courses are conveniently held at many first-class resorts and golf facilities worldwide such as Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California, Silverrock in La Quinta, California, Stryker Golf in Denver, Colorado and Huddle Park in Johannesburg, South Africa, just to mention a few. Check our schedules and locations at www.pgtaa.com.

The PGTAA syllabus involves the following areas:

SECTION ONE: Teaching you How to Teach (The Instructor Module) – The Primary Objective – includes extensive use of video as learning and teaching aids.

SECTION TWO: Business & Marketing Module – Techniques and Tools to ensure your success as a Professional Golf Teacher.

SECTION THREE: Success Secrets for Teaching Golf – Everything you will need to know to imbue confidence in your methods and those of your students.

SECTION FOUR: The Playing Ability Test (P.A.T.)

SECTION FIVE: The Open-Book written examination requiring an 85% passing rate. The examination is designed to test your teaching knowledge.

To get an idea of how the syllabus is implemented on a daily basis, read the following, but remember you will have already graduated, so the PAT and written test are not applicable.

The High School, College and University Coaches’ special 5-day program

The PGTAA offers a separate special 5-day On Site course for the aforementioned teachers. This course differs from our standard 5-day On Site course in that the primary qualification for admission is that the applicant MUST already have been teaching as an instructor for at least 12 months prior to enrolling.

Additionally, and based on your handicap, at least 2 attested to scorecards, signed by at least two playing partners or a GHIN handicap, are required. You will only have one day for PAT completion, hence the aforementioned requirement.

This specialized course, running from Monday through Friday, is more liberal and yet more specific in that the student must complete a verbal presentation on a written thesis, a written test and shot making demonstration AND pass a PAT (Playing Ability Test) scoring 83 or better on the Friday of the course and weather permitting. If weather necessitates changing the day of playing the PAT, course instruction/schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

Curriculum emphasis is placed on the student’s knowledge of the:
• Mental game and psychology of teaching golf
• Understanding ball flight laws
• Teaching the golf swing – short game, strategy and scoring, the full swing & trouble shots
• The rules of the game – the most abused rules specifically
• Marketing yourself as a professional golf teacher (includes social media marketing)
• Basic club fitting – what teaching professionals should know
• The 12 most common faults and cures
• In depth use of video in teaching, including which hardware and software to use
• Training aids – which ones really work for the benefit of both the teacher and student
Cost is $2495.00 including accommodation or $1795.00 excluding accommodation.

Additional Nights
Should you require extra nights before or after the course, please let the PGTAA office know of the nights required at time of enrolling. 760.777.1925.
Here is a typical daily itinerary for both 5-day On Site courses offered – subject to change based on attendees’ needs and skills.
SUNDAY & Monday
Arrival and Registration
Depending on your time of arrival, you can play 9 or 18 holes, or practice your short game.
Classes begin every day at 7.30 am. Water, snacks, fruit and drinks are always available.
Continental breakfast at the range. Depending on the weather, you will either be on the range or in a classroom.
JC Video V1 Pro
Introduction to Teaching
• your primary goal as instructors
• an understanding of how students learn- Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic
• the laws of ball flight
• PGA – Posture, Grip, Alignment and ball positioning
• how to use a video recorder – brands and software, operation and set up, lighting and how to make take home videos
• introduction to the golf swing
Full Swing -Classroom Theory & Discussion
• video frame by frame analysis
• hands-on students practice video lessons
Video Analysis set-up
Lunch – free time or with attendees
Driving Range / Candidates Teaching
Time permitting, unlimited on course play


• Phone: 760.777.1925 | Viber: 760.574.7676
• FAX: 1.760.406.9898
• Toll Free: 1.888.90PGTAA
• http://www.pgtaa.com
Other information
If you have a Smart-Phone, download the Viber App. All calls are free worldwide to 760.574.7676