The PGTAA Golf Teaching Professional

Do you like playing golf? Do you enjoy teaching it to others? If so, why not become a certified Class A PGTAA Master Golf teaching professional?

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America offers an extensive Golf Teaching Professional curriculum wherein aspiring golf instructors can choose from a 5-Day On Site training (subject to completing the Home Study Course) or a Home Study course. Our instructors are expert when it comes to the latest teaching methodology and marketing techniques. Our curriculum is 100% teaching.

The PGTAA is a national and internationally recognized institution with graduates all over the world. Equipment discounts from all the major manufacturers are available upon graduation, not to mention the logoed merchandize.

The PGTAA provides you with unlimited learning exposure both locally and abroad. Our certification will also widen your teaching possibilities from juniors to seniors desirous of learning golf. Most of all, opportunities in your area for instruction, increases with the PGTAA certification. High schools, country clubs and colleges employ many PGTAA graduates.

Being one of the most sought after designations for golf instructors, the PGTAA offers countless possibilities for aspiring certified golf teachers. The PGTAA with its superior curriculum , not only will you become a certified Class A PGTAA Master professional in the end, but a better player of golf as well. The ability to innovate and become a PGTAA Master Teaching Professional in your area. Now is the time to act and enroll with the PGTAA and live your dream while making an excellent living.