Ho-hum. For decades, teaching golf has been done the same way. Generally, lessons of 30 or 60 minutes are offered, along with a series of lessons for a discount. An innovative teacher can come up with profitable ways to teach a different way. Here are a few ideas:

A person can learn a number of different items in a 10-minute lesson, according to the PGTAA’s Michael McCormick, also a PGA Professional. He agrees that there’s a lot to be gained from a 10-minute lesson. Consider teaching and charging by the minute. Generally, the student is given one thing to work on, and all the focus is on that one thing. This method of teaching is best at a busy facility, as the students will be walk-ups and not scheduled.

Offering lesson memberships can be more economical for players wanting multiple lessons. An example would be a 3-month unlimited lesson package. Individual lessons can often be sold to people wanting more personal time.

Weekly sessions instead of lessons on consecutive days can also be a welcome change from the norm. Some students will want to buy individual lessons in between, and the sessions can be scheduled at times convenient for the students, such as evenings after work.

The business of teaching golf, as well as the business model of golf, often lacks innovation. You’ll stand out in your field by keeping an open mind to trying something different.