Become a Certified Golf Teacher in Orlando

There are over 50 golf courses in the Greater Orlando area and Orlando is known as one of the top destinations for golf. Additionally, there are over 1,300 golf courses and clubs in Florida. There are also several high schools, colleges, and universities that are looking for coaches or instructors for golf players. Are you interested in pursuing a career as a golf instructor?

Demand for male and female golf instructors is at an all-time high especially in the post Covid era.

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America can help you become certified, which can open up doors to being a golf instructor at a course or club, a high school coach, or a college coach. Certification can help you also get a job as an instructor at golf stores such as Van’s, Topgolf, Roger Dunn, Edwin Watts, Dick’s, PGA Superstore and GOLFTEC.

Benefits of Getting Your Golf Instructor Certification in Orlando

If you become a certified golf instructor and you live in the Greater Orlando area many of the top golf instructors in the United States, on average, make between $78,000 – $100,000.00+ per year, there are a wide variety of doors that can be opened for you:

  • You can be an instructor at a golf course, public or private, golf retailer or driving range.
  • You can coach or work with golf players at the collegiate and high school level.
  • You can always have a stable spot to coach, teach, and work with golf enthusiasts and be paid on a structured basis.

How Much Money Can You Make Being a Certified Golf Instructor at a Orlando Golf Course?

Being a Orlando golf instructor can be rewarding from a financial standpoint. You can make a little bit of extra money as a side hustle or work full-time pursuing the sport that you love. A golf instructor can make anywhere from $40/hour to $100+/hour depending upon a wide variety of factors.

Even if money is not a factor, you can get paid to help people appreciate a sport that you love.

How Do I Become a Certified Golf Instructor In Orlando?

If you are looking to become a certified golf instructor in the Greater Orlando area, it’s time to get enrolled in the PGTAA’s Home Study Course.


This home study module allows an avid golfer to learn at home and at their own pace. There is no time limit to complete the course. The course can be completed in 6 weeks or 6 months. You work at your own speed. Upon completion of an Open Book test and passing a playing ability test, determined by age or handicap, the student is awarded full certification as a certified  Class “A” PGTAA Master Teaching Professional. Here is what is covered in the home study course:

  • An instructor module that teaches you the most important golf lessons that you will use, as well as how to use video, training, and learning aids.
  • A business marketing module that teaches you how to get students from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • A module that helps you convey success in your methods and to your students.
  • How to teach kids to play golf
  • The Rules of Golf
  • The playing ability test (to be completed at a course of your choice) and the written test.

Your successful completion of the home study course also allows you to enroll in our optional 5-Day Onsite course. The benefits of the onsite course include:

  • A small class size so that you can interact with a master golf teacher (5 students to 1 teacher).
  • Comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the game so that you can learn to coach and teach effectively.
  • Guidance and constructive criticism on your particular teaching skill set.
  • Additional instruction in custom club fitting, the latest in teaching technology programs, club building, and repairs so that you can further assist your future students (this is not covered in the home study course).
  • The onsite course is typically offered at top courses in California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania with ideal weather and golfing conditions.

Why Work With the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America To Become a Orlando Certified Golf Instructor?

For the past 25 years, the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America has been the way to go if you are looking for getting your golf teacher certification. Our home study course is the unmatched industry standard in golf instructor certification programs. You only deal with the PGTAA’s president, Dr. Barry Lotz, for all your questions during your studies. No other program offers this direct contact.