Home Study Course Professional Golf Teaching



Home Study Course Professional Golf Teaching

A unique home study opportunity is now available. Full certification as a Class “A” PGTAA Master Teaching Professional is awarded upon successful completion of the written test and PAT. The PAT can be taken on your home course or any course in the world that is over 6,000 yards.

Completion of the Home Study Course allows entry to, and is a prerequisite for the On-Site Course. The tuition for the On-Site Course is an additional $1500.00 as the $995.00 for the Home Study Course has already been paid thereby making a total cost of $2495.00.  The On-site course is an option and not a requirement to becoming fully certified.

To reiterate, successful completion of the Home Study course bestows your certification as  a certified Class “A” PGTAA Master Teaching Professional.

This is not an On-Line Course. A DVD plus 8 lbs. of course materials are shipped to you after you have enrolled.  The materials take an average of 3 days from enrolling until you receive the course materials.

There is no time limit to complete the written examination or PAT. We assume that you will work diligently to complete your certification in the shortest time possible.

Only $995.00

No on-site course attendance required!
The Playing Ability Test can be taken on your home course!
All rights and privileges of the PGTAA remain the same!
You receive your certification after completion and passing of a 150-question written examination!

The PGTAA curriculum includes 5 different manuals, two books and a DVD, totaling over 750 written pages.

SECTION ONE:  “ Teaching you how to Teach” (The Instructor Module) – The Primary Objective – All the facets of teaching including the 12 most important golf lessons you will use and includes how to use of video, training and learning aids.

The PGTAA uses the best golf swing analysis system, the JC Video System. EXTREMELY beneficial PUD pricing is offered to PGTAA graduates.

SECTION TWO:   Business & Marketing Module – Techniques and Essential Tools to ensure your success as a Professional Golf Teacher. We cover marketing on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. We have arranged specially priced and affordable web site design.

SECTION THREE:  Success Secrets for Teaching Golf – Everything you will need to know to imbue confidence in your methods and those of your students. From mental tips to identifying and correcting faults, powerful drills and training aids that PGA tour players employ for their own game, all with PUD pricing.

SECTION FOUR:  The Playing Ability Test (P.A.T). Conducted at your course of preference prior to attending an Onsite course.

SECTION FIVE:  The Open-Book written examination requiring an 85% pass rate. The examination is designed to test your teaching knowledge.

Upon completion and passing of the Home Study exam course, successful candidates will become a certified Master Teaching Professional of the PGTAA and will receive PGTAA membership cards that are recognized worldwide. A Certificate of Completion is also presented to all candidates who have successfully completed the course.

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Should you experience any difficulty in enrolling online, please call our office at  760. 335.0600 OR 1.888.90PGTAA and we will process your enrollment or answer any questions you may have that are of concern.

Please note: Shipping costs vary between the USA and International destinations. For all USA destinations, $20.00 is added to the course cost. For international orders, $90.00 is added to the course charge. These amounts are reflected on the ordering page and added to the total charge being made.

Please ensure that you provide us with the name you want to appear on all correspondence and credentials.