Get Certified As A Golf Instructor

As a would-be golf instructor or golf coach, you would need to have golf teacher certification credentials as a school teacher requires. This can be achievable with the help of Professional Golf Teachers Association of America, one of the largest golf teaching programs in the world. If you want to teach golf and get a golf certification, this institution is definitely where you should study. Not to mention that the PGTAA will help hone your skills and improve your overall knowledge about the game of golf. Enroll with PGTAA now and have your golf certification credentials provided by the premier 100% golf teaching institution.

For years the PGTAA has been considered the Harvard of this niche golf area rather than the Community College when compared to ANY other teaching organization! The PGTAA has a reputation throughout the golf world for the high quality of their graduates.  Its graduates have gone on to become Directors of Golf, Tournament Directors, Head Teaching Professionals, University coaches and Golf Directors in major golf developments, schools, resorts and country clubs in the USA, Europe, Canada, Asia, Mexico, the United States and Africa.

Having a golf teaching certification from the PGTAA not only gives you the chance to work locally but also abroad. With your Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional certification you have a wide area of operation giving you then chance to choose your own demographic. The world is your oyster!  The PGTAA’s worldwide network has is one of the largest golf teachers community in the world. And PGA Tour players are very familiar with the PGTAA such as Dr. Barry Lotz, Dr. Luis Almeida and Dr. Patrick Cohn.

What is it that makes this organization’s course unique?  Admission is restricted via personal interviews. A person cannot just enroll. You deal directly with Dr. Lotz. No secretaries or assistants compromise the integrity of the learning experience offered by the PGTAA. The PGTAA gives its graduates real-life skills and experience that they can use when they enter the world of professional golf teachers and golf coaches.

With the worldwide recognition as a PGTAA member, there will be limitless possibilities once you achieve a golf certification. Act now and become a Certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional. Call 760-777-1925 or email pgtaa@yahoo.com.