The Holiday Season is upon us, so I’ve put together some ideas for products that would make great gifts for golfers. I’ve included several products ranging in price from $7.99 – $1995. They are listed in order of price from lowest to highest.

SKIN Sunscreen™

SKIN Sunscreen™

SKIN Sunscreen™ is formulated specifically for golfers and their environment. The SPF 30+ sunscreen utilizing Zinc and Titanium Dioxide as its base, is very water resistant, Broad Spectrum, and delivers UVA/UVB protection.

Help protect the golfers on your list with the sunscreen that’s trusted by hundreds of Tour Players.

MSRP: $7.99 – $79 www. skinsunscreen.com

Garsen Golf Quad Tour Proto Grips

Garsen grips are fast gaining popularity with 10 wins on the PGA Tour. Major Champion winners such as Retief Goosen and Henrik Stenson and Geoff Olgilvy are devotees of the Garsen grips. I personally have become a better putter since installing the grips.

Garsen Golf Quad Tour Proto GripsThe Garsen Golf “Quad Tour Proto” putter grip was designed with direct input from PGA tour players and the top putting coaches on tour and are currently in play by over a dozen PGA tour players.

Garsen has taken the same technology which has led to the success of the EDGE and MAX putter grips. The QUAD grip was designed with a more traditional hand placement but with the benefits of the original grips which helps turn your elbows into your body and sets your shoulders baOKck.

This relieves arm and shoulder tension, inhibits wrist action, which takes “the hands out of the putting” and promotes proper shoulder rotation, creating a solid putting stroke, which will give you a one-piece feel, leading to a more consistent stroke.

They are available in non-tapered $28.95 and full taper $24.95 in a (red/blu) (blu/red) color combination.


New Balance

New Balance sandals A Free Pair of New Balance Sandals With Purchase of Any New Balance Golf Shoes

New Balance is bringing back its popular sandal promotion for the holidays. Buy a pair of New Balance golf shoes and receive a pair of New Balance sandals (value of $30).

A Free Pair of New Balance Sandals The sandals are built with ultra-soft foot beds for outstanding cushioning and comfort. Golfers can choose between the men’s NB Cush sandal and the women’s JoJo Thong.

Redemption is through the mail with proof of purchase.

The promotion is valid through January 31, 2018.

From $85 to $190 www.newbalance.com

New Balance Golf ShoesNew Balance Golf ShoesNew Balance Golf ShoesNew Balance Golf Shoes

WellPutt USA

Originally conceived in Europe, devotees of the Wellstroke training aid include Gregory Bourdy, Benjamin Herbert, Pablo Larrazabal, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Rafael Caberra-Bello, all top-ranked European Tour players.

WellPutt USAOlivier Leglise, the inventor said “My first goal for this invention was to provide players with a very simple and precise device essentially based on the 3 major components of successful putts: contact, direction and speed. WELLSTROKE (Motion Putting Guide) was born from my collaboration with the WELLPUTT company”.

This putting guide will help you reproduce the ideal putting movement thanks to the 3 main markers of your swing:

1. The path of the club for proper contact control.
2. The clubface orientation for perfect direction
3. The swing amplitude for good distance control.

Conception, original design, manufacturing, and marketing of this new putting training aid was created from R&D through the mind mapping concept that enable muscle memory in order to acquire natural reflexes. For a detailed understanding and description of this concept, please visit www.wellput.com.

The Wellstroke will help you build your “swing of putting” and guarantee you regularity in this game category. You will definitely work your ball contact to get a perfect ball roll.

You will also learn how to control the orientation of your putter face throughout the stroke.

The Wellputt allows you to fix in memory the amplitude range corresponding to your own intensity.

Models are available in both right handed and left handed models and aptly named, Standard, Square and Light.

Wellstroke LightWellstroke SquareWellstroke Standard

The result was the design of 3 Wellstroke training models, each dependent on the player and his own method of putting, therefore enabling him to work and improve with a guide perfectly suited to his own style.

Each model has a slightly different swing arc design, allowing each player, regardless of his putter style, his morpholoy and his technical preferences to train with a customized putting support.

A brilliant putting training aid!


Wellputt MatAlso available is the Wellputt Mat >which is available in 4 models: 13ft Slow Speed 9ft, 10ft Pro Speed 11ft, 26ft Pro Speed 11ft and the Ultimate Fitting Mat PRO speed 11ft.

The “PRO” (original) Welling-putt is the ultimate putting mat, not just by its concept, but also the quality of its texture and the exercises in its Training Book. Speed 11FT.


Wellputt indoor tees (Inox slots) are available to use indoor instead of tees, 4 inox slots, heavy and perfect to place on the mat when using your Wellstroke or your Wellputt Mats for $29.00


Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls

Srixon Q-Star Golf BallsMy ball of choice. The Q-STAR is for golfers who demand premium performance in an all-ability golf ball. Engineered with tour ball technology, the Q-STAR delivers a superior combination of distance, accuracy, greenside spin and durability.

Available in white and yellow.

Legendary Headwear CLOUD-FIT ™ Caps

Legendary Headwear CLOUD-FIT ™ CapsGive the golfer on your list the ultimate in comfort with a Legendary Headwear cap featuring revolutionary CLOUD-FIT™ technology. Legendary’s new CLOUD-FIT Sweatband features soft performance fabric-lined memory foam that is infused with temperature regulating gel. The patented gel memory foam sweatband is available in a select number of cap styles and colors. Available at premium golf shops.

MSRP: $20 – $30

coLLo™ Apparel UPF 50+ Men’s Golf Shirts

coLLo™ Apparel UPF 50+ Men’s Golf Shirts Protect the golfer on your list with a coLLo™ Apparel men’s golf shirt. All coLLo shirts feature certified UPF 50+ sun blocking, moisture wicking, four-way coLLoStretch recycled fabrics and a patent pending collar design that is extra high, especially around the back of the neck. The collar’s structured shape and removable stays will protect your neck all day long.

MSRP: $71 – $84

Indi Golf StingRay Wedges

Indi Golf StingRay WedgesGive the gift of spin to a special golfer in your life. The newly introduced StingRay wedges feature unmatched feel and spin, giving golfers of any skill level tour player control and spin rates. Designed as a premium solution for the recreational golfer, StingRay wedges feature large open square grooves that increase spin by 50% on a full swing.

MSRP: $159.99

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are available Nov. 20 thru Nov. 28, 2017

SkyCaddie® LINX GT - Game Tracking EditionSkyCaddie® LINX GT – Game Tracking Edition

The SkyCaddie LINX GT is golf’s first rangefinder and shot tracking watch with a synchronized mobile app, giving the golfer in your life a powerful system to help play his or her best. It combines golf’s most accurate GPS with golf’s most vivid rangefinder GPS app and performance tracking in one light, powerful watch.

MSRP: $349.95

Bloodline PuttersBloodline Putters

The Bloodline RG-1 Mallet and R1-J Blade putters feature an innovative and patented design that allows you to clearly see where the putter is aligned because you can walk behind it while it stands alone on the green.

The golfer in your life will be impressed with this gift.

Bloodline putters conform to the Rules of Golf.

MSRP: $499

SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor

SkyTrak Personal Launch MonitorSkyTrak is a revolutionary development in launch monitor technology, offering a complete practice, play and entertainment system for golf at home. With SkyTrak, the golfer in your life can also experience and test his or her skills on some of the world’s most famous 18-hole courses with their own clubs through integrations with several golf simulators.

MSRP: $1995. Financing is available.

Save $300 on SkyTrak with Special Savings Codes Nov. 15 thru Dec. 31, 2017. Look for codes on:

Twitter @SkyTrakGolf
Facebook @SkyTrakGolf

Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D. is the director of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. He is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, the California Golf Writers Association, and serves both as a Consultant and Mediator to the golf industry. He is also the author of numerous books, including “333 Best Web Sites for Golfers”, “How to Build Business Relationships through Golf” which is in the Top Ten Golf Business Book’s bestseller list. His latest book,” The Right Mind for Golf” is now in its 9th printing. He currently works with 14 Tour Players on mental coaching, putting and scoring techniques.

He can be reached at www.pgtaa.com or drlotz@cbsgolf.net