Special Certification offer for former and current PGA and LPGA Members


The fee for this examination is $695.00 and you can sign up here.


Special Certification for former PGA & LPGA Members

Due to the ever increasing demand from coaches at universities, colleges and high schools to be accredited and certified as Professional Golf Teachers, and with the PGTAA being the preferred institution of choice, we offer former and current PGA and LPGA members, USGTF and other “Teaching Schools” members, the opportunity to become PGTAA certified.

The PGTAA over the past 15 years has become the acknowledged leader for pure, 100% teaching certification. As these facilities tell the PGTAA, “Its Harvard versus the Community College” effect – the PGTAA’s curriculum and materials are superior!

Therefore, we are currently offering to these specific applicants, who can verify that they carry a 5 or better handicap issued through the USGA or a similar organization, the opportunity to take the PGTAA exam and become a certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional. Each applicant, irrespective of age, may apply to have the PAT waived or adjusted based on a legitimate reason.

In addition, applicants must obtain an 85% or higher pass rate on the 101 Question Open-Book Exam within 90 days of application.

The fee for this examination is $695.00 and you can sign up here.